what is the orator


The orator gives workshops in public speaking, coaching and guidance, all of which is based on both modern insights and theoretical roots of classical rhetoric. Every aspect of public speaking is covered: from body language and gestures to voice volume to figures of speech.


Because there is only war rhetoric and no peace rhetoric. Public speaking and rhetoric are wrongly considered as slick and shady, a blot on their reputation that needs to be removed. A good idea requires an even better seller, a public speaker. Should we be ashamed of that? Enjoy yourself and turn it to your advantage.

for whom

For everybody: we coach managers, organise workshops for companies, prepare politicians for debates, train students and help you write an amazing speech that will blow your audience of their feet.


A combination of improvisational theatre and stuffy lectures. No gurus, no professors. A squeeze of theory and an intensive workshop, always adjusted to the audience. And there is only one certainty: everybody will have a good time.

why the orator is needed

and you haven't noticed his absence.
War rhetoric and peace talks: nonsense. All is rhetoric, but we have become blind.

Speaking is no longer worth a golden medal, but barely loose sand. We don’t have it at our finger tips anymore. Becoming increasingly lenient towards our speaking skills, we don’t question our skills any longer. Nobody graduated without rhetoric. Today, not even lawyers learn to speak anymore. If the animals could speak, they would undoubtedly outdo us.

Do we take it too far? Yes, we don’t need an hourglass to time our pauses, nor six years of Jesuits to write a plea. We don’t need to be animals to have a passion for stories, all we need is a listening ear but we throw all of those obvious things away because the packaging doesn’t matter anymore. We consider good public speaking to be a tool for shady managers with shady companies.

Have we become immune to it then? That’s wishful thinking. Even though we have lost our speaking skills and the packaging has become as loose and cheap as words: we have become blind. The rhetorical tricks, we don’t recognise them anymore. Applications, pitches, exams, debates and wedding parties: we are being fooled. Every single one of us, except the orator of course.