Public speaking and rhetoric for students, every semester in Ghent.


WHAT — A rhetorical school that consists of seven lessons, repeated every semester. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, we will (re)ignite your passion for words, whether you are a beginning or a more experienced public speaker. Every aspect of public speaking will be covered: from language, voice and counting to gestures to figures of speech. There is only one rule: everybody will speak, every time and many times. And there will also be criticism even more often and more frequently. But if you want to improve your public speaking skills, we can ascertain you that you will learn how to speak and above all, you will enjoy yourself.

In order to give yourself sufficient time to process all the material, you’d better divide the seven lessons over two semesters seeing that the lessons consist of two different parts: four basic lessons and three follow-up lessons. If you complete one of either series, you will be entitled to a certificate as a proof of your acquired public speaking skills.

WHY — Sometimes professors are good orators, but how often have you attended a class in which you could barely pay attention and while you were taking notes, reluctantly, you were thinking: I could do this so much better? And professors are not the only ones to blame: think about your fellow students. How often have you hoped, asked and heard that a university trains its students in public speaking? Low-quality projects and pitches, theses, exams and moot courts? From now on, that is our fault.

WHO — Every student and all of their friends are more than welcome to attend our lessons. Have you just graduated or are you not living in Ghent? No problem, everybody is more than welcome.

WHERE — Ghent’s oldest bar, Café Den Turk.

WHEN — The second semester of the academic year 2016-2017 has already started. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, you can follow the remaining lessons this semester or wait for the entire series that will start again next academic year. The four basic lessons and the three follow-up lessons are nicely spread over the time of a semester and every lesson is only given to a small number of students in order to give everybody sufficient opportunity to practice. The lessons all start at 8pm and end around 10pm.

PRICE — Every lesson costs six euros.

PERSONAL GUIDANCE — Are seven lessons not enough for you? The Orator is also more than happy to help you individually. We can help you improving a text or preparing a presentation.

SCHOOLS — Secondary schools, institutions for higher education, student unions, adult education and so on: The Orator has gained experience in giving workshops at different occasions. For more information, please contact us via email.